Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 2

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 2

Patty Day—January 2, 1985 8:02 A.M.

  • Our story shifts to Patty, Libby's mother. It's the day of her murder.
  • Ben, Patty's oldest child, spends all his time talking on the phone, acting out a real-life male version of the classic board game Girl Talk.
  • When not on the phone, Ben stomps around in camo pants and combat boots.
  • This morning, Patty makes Ben eat breakfast with the fam, and she even makes him eggs instead of pancakes—because he hates pancakes.
  • But Patty does make Ben take his hat off at the table, which causes a shock: Ben has dyed his red hair black.
  • "Your hair was so handsome," (2.46) his mother tells him, and Ben leaves.

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