Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 21

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 21

Libby Day—Now

  • Returning from the jail, Libby wonders if Ben killed his secret girlfriend, Diondra, too.
  • When Libby gets home, she finds a letter from Runner. It tells her four things.
  • 1) Runner has a cancer.
  • 2) Runner knows Ben didn't do it.
  • 3) Runner's still a deadbeat: he's hitting Libby up for money.
  • 4) Runner spells like a fourth-grader.
  • Libby is furious at what a loser her father is, and she chucks her lamp across the room and stomps around kicking the walls and slamming doors.
  • Ding-dong. The doorbell interrupts Libby's rage.
  • It's Krissi Cates, come to apologize. She lied. About everything. Ben never molested her.
  • They kissed once, but that was it. She made the rest up because the child psychologist encouraged her to.
  • Krissi starts crying. She wants Libby to forgive her.
  • Libby can't tell Krissi that she forgives her. So she just makes her a drink.

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