Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 24

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 24

Ben Day—January 2, 1985 8:38 p.m.

  • Trey confronts Runner at the bar, and Runner immediately starts groveling, saying he doesn't have the money he owes him.
  • Runner doesn't even recognize Ben, his own son, although he blames his oversight on Ben's new hair color.
  • Trey wants to know where all Runner's money is.
  • Runner says that his ex-wife hides money all over the place, and they should go get it from her.
  • Trey threatens him, saying that he better have the money by the next night.
  • Before they leave, Ben tells Runner he got Diondra pregnant. Runner says, "I doubt it's yours" (23.56). This is one instance we might actually agree with this loser.
  • Ben is very angry in the car. "Someone should f***ing die" (23.63), he says.
  • Trey has an idea and drives somewhere, but he won't tell Ben where he's going.

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