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Dark Places Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Libby Day—Now

  • Libby finds Runner living in an abandoned industrial mixing vat.
  • Before Libby reaches Runner, she passes guys with "dandelions woven into their matted hair" (24.14). They're either homeless or hipster models. It's hard to hard to tell these days.
  • It takes Runner a second to remember who Libby is. Then he starts roughhousing with her like he did when she was a child.
  • Libby gets Runner, who still has the mind of a child, to focus and talk about the night their whole family was killed.
  • Runner rambles on about all his own problems and mentions Trey Teepano.
  • Libby asks what Trey did, but Runner changes the subject to Patty's hidden stash of cash, which Libby doesn't believe actually existed.
  • Runner suggests Trey killed the family to find the money. Then he asks if they ever found "Dierdre" (24.90). He means Diondra, and he wonders if Trey killed her, too.
  • "I like the idea of being a granddaddy sometimes" (24.97), Runner says, revealing that Ben got Diondra pregnant.
  • Libby wonders why Runner told none of this to the police, and he says it was none of his business. What a gentleman.

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