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Dark Places Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Libby Day—Now

  • Libby drives home from visiting her dad. She thinks the whole trip was a waste. All it did was remind her how stupid her father was.
  • Libby's mad that Runner was worried about Diondra. Libby's whole family is dead, and her dad is worried about Diondra?
  • The fact that Ben is lying about Diondra nags at Libby.
  • The next morning, Libby uses the missing persons computer at her library—libraries! What aren't they good for?—and finds that Diondra was reported missing on January 21, 1985… only 19 days after the murder.
  • Libby visits Ben in the pokey and spills everything her dad said about Diondra. "He says Diondra Wertzner was your girlfriend, that you got her pregnant. That she was pregnant and you two were together, the night of the murders" (26.18).
  • Ben is angry and won't tell Libby any more about Diondra.
  • "What about Trey Teepano?" (26.37) Libby asks.
  • Again, Ben clams up. He tells Libby she needs to "pick a side" (26.44)—and he would prefer her to be on his.

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