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Dark Places Chapter 33

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 33

Libby Day—Now

  • In the car, Lyle tells Libby the big clue he learned from listening to Trey.
  • Diondra's fake name, Polly Palm, could by the name ending in –lly that was tattooed on Ben's arm.
  • Lyle thinks Diondra is in hiding using this fake name, so he Googles her.
  • There's a Polly Palm in Kearney, Missouri. Her phone number is listed, and Libby rings her up right then and there.
  • "Is this Diondra Wertzner?" (31.28) Libby asks.
  • The woman on the other end hangs up.
  • Libby decides to pay Diondra a visit in person, but she doesn't want Lyle to come along and ruin it with all his questions.
  • Libby drives to Polly Palm's house, and sure enough, Diondra opens the door. She looks like the photos of her that Libby has seen.
  • Diondra knew Libby would find her one day. She asks if Ben told her, but Libby says she figured it out from Trey.
  • Libby wants to get to the point. "Did Ben kill my family?" (31.63).
  • Diondra dances around the subject. She says they were going to run away, but she has no idea what Ben actually did that night.
  • When Diondra mentions she was pregnant, Libby asks, "Where's the baby?" (31.76).
  • The baby takes that as her cue to walk in.

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