Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 37

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 37

Libby Day—Now

  • Libby wakes up. Diondra is on top of her, trying to strangle her. Clearly, this is Diondra's murder method of choice.
  • Libby manages to punch Diondra in the face and run away, but she staggers around outside and falls through an open door into the basement. Ouch.
  • Libby finds a small room to hide in, but it's a dead end.
  • To get out, Libby stacks stuff in a pile, intending to climb it and reach the ventilation shaft at the top.
  • Just as Libby makes it out, Crystal bursts into the room and grabs her foot.
  • Libby kicks Crystal in the face and escapes.
  • Well, Libby escapes the basement. She doesn't know where her car keys are, so she has to run into the woods and hide. All those memories of hiding in a field the night her family was killed come back.
  • Libby stays in the woods, hiding, until dawn. Then she leaves to find help.

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