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Dark Places Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Ben Day—January 3, 1985 2:12 a.m.

  • We resume our regularly scheduled flashback where we left off—with Diondra strangling a ten-year-old to death. Ah, nostalgia.
  • Ben is rocking in the corner instead of helping save his sister, and he wonders what all the crazy noises outside the room are.
  • Once Michelle is dead, Ben and Diondra leave the room.
  • Ben sees all the carnage: Debby and his mom are dead, too, and blood is everywhere.
  • But Libby is missing. Diondra tells Ben to find her and bring her back. Diondra has a plan: Ben will inherit all his mother's life insurance himself. They just need to get rid of Libby.
  • Diondra also tells Ben that he can never say that she was there, or that he even knows her. That would ruin the whole plan.
  • Ben runs out to find Libby, but when he realizes that Diondra will kill Libby, too, he shouts, "Libby, stay where you are, sweetheart!" (37.31). He doesn't plan on finding her.
  • When Ben comes back to the house without Libby, Diondra is smearing blood all over the walls to make the crime scene look even more ghastly.
  • Ben follows Diondra, wiping away all her footprints and fingerprints. He takes her home.

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