Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 4

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 4

Ben Day—January 2, 1985 9:13 a.m.

  • Ben Day is out riding his bike and falls, cutting his face.
  • Don't feel bad for him: he's glad. He thinks it makes him look tough. Heck, he wishes he'd broken a bone.
  • Ben hopes his injury will impress Diondra, a girl who is "rich but sleazy" (4.6).
  • One day, Ben plans on moving to the big city—Wichita—with Diondra, away from her friend Trey, who is nineteen—and who attempts to emasculate Ben with every word he says.
  • Ben imagines a whole teenage dream that's more pot and Taco Bell than it is Katy Perry. But he "left out one very frightening detail" (4.16) and not the fact that Taco Bell in 1985 didn't have the Breakfast Taco. What could it be?