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Dark Places Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Libby Day—Now

  • It's almost two weeks later, and Diondra and Crystal still haven't been caught.
  • Lyle offhandedly remarks how awesome it would have been if Libby had been able to escape with some of Diondra's DNA.
  • But Libby did. She remembers the lipstick she stole from the bathroom.
  • Before you can say easy, breezy, beautiful, the DNA is matched with DNA found in Michelle's bedroom, linking Diondra to that murder.
  • The cops find Diondra and put her in jail.
  • With all the murderers caught, that means Ben will be out of jail soon. Libby goes to visit him.
  • Ben wants to know about Crystal, his daughter, who is still evading the police.
  • Libby tells Ben that she doesn't blame Crystal for anything. Her mother is a crazy murderer, after all—that's not Crystal's fault.
  • Libby doesn't plan on helping the cops find Crystal.
  • Ben holds his hand up to the glass, and Libby matches palms with him.
  • What a sweet prison moment.

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