Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 5

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 5

Libby Day—Now

  • After telling us about her klepto tendencies, Libby looks over a book about the crime written by a former reporter named Barb Eichel.
  • It's like In Cold Blood but without the talent.
  • Libby wants to call Lyle Wirth—but not without having some more evidence that Ben is guilty. So she calls Barb instead.
  • Barb answers, and when Libby mentions Ben, Barb says, "I've written him several letters of apology. […] I just don't know how many times I can say I'm sorry for that damn, damn book" (5.17). This isn't going as planned.
  • Libby heads over to Barb's, anyway, to have sandwiches and talk about what was behind the killings.
  • Since she wrote the book, Barb doesn't believe Ben did it. She's skeptical of Libby's testimony, since Libby was "clearly coached" (5.35), and she doesn't believe Runner's alibi, either.
  • Barb thinks it would be a big help if Libby recanted her testimony.
  • Libby doesn't have plans to do that, but she does steal a blue paperweight before she leaves.

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