Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 6

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 6

Patty Day—January 2, 1985 9:42 a.m.

  • Patty is sad that Ben dyed his hair, not because he left the sink a mess, but because she feels like he did it because he's all by himself.
  • Patty cleans the kitchen while thinking about her deadbeat husband and about how hard life is on her farm.
  • The farm just isn't what it used to be, and other farmers aren't nice to farmers who are in debt.
  • Patty thinks of one guy who died in an accident. People were sad "til they found out the man's farm was going under" (6.25).
  • Someone at the door shakes Patty from her thoughts. She hopes it's her sister Diane, but it's not. It's creepy Len, the loan officer.
  • Len has an idea for how Patty can earn some money…

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