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Dark Places Lies and Deceit

By Gillian Flynn

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Lies and Deceit

One thing almost all "true crimes" have in common is lies. Unsolved murders probably wouldn't go unsolved if everyone were honest. Just like true crimes throughout history, the Day farmhouse murder in Dark Places is a bloody farmhouse built on a foundation of lies. Heck, if everyone were honest, there may not have been a crime in the first place.

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Libby says she's a "liar and a thief" (5.2). We know that she's a thief, but how is she a liar? When does she lie? Does she do it on purpose?
  2. Why won't Ben tell Libby the truth about Diondra?
  3. Krissi initially tells Libby the same lies she's been telling for twenty years—that Ben molested her. But she later recants. Why did she continue telling this lie, and why does she eventually come clean?
  4. Trey Teepano is one of the few people who tells Libby the honest truth. Why doesn't he feel any need to lie to her?

Chew on This

Patty can't tell anyone about her plan to be killed for insurance money, because if she does, they won't get a payout. She trades integrity for cash.

Runner Day may be a terrible husband and father, but at least he usually tells the truth.

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