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Trey Teepano in Dark Places

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Trey Teepano

Could it be… Satan?!

Trey Teepano is Diondra's best friend, although we're not sure these two know what the word "friend" means. defines friend as "a person you know well and regard with affection and trust." Well, there is no affection or trust between these two. Trey constantly humiliates Ben, Diondra's boyfriend. "Nice high waters was the first thing Trey ever said to him" (4.12). And while maybe there are some nice, trustworthy Satan worshipers out there, Trey isn't one of them.

We're not sure if Satan himself is influencing these kids at all, but Trey definitely is. He supplies Diondra and Ben with drugs, he takes them to kill a cow, and every time he makes fun of Ben, he stokes Ben's anger more.

But, unlike Diondra, Trey isn't a murderer. We never thought we'd say anything good about him, but he's at least better than her in that respect. Also, unlike Diondra, who is rich and white, Trey has a reason to feel like an outsider. He's part Native American in the Midwest. If Dark Places gave him a POV chapter of his own, we might see his anger and frustration at being marginalized and not fitting in.

Whatever he felt as a teenager, adult Trey admits he was into devil worship and feels no guilt about it. "You gotta believe in something, right?" (30.48). He has a point, we guess? Should he feel any guilt about what happened to Libby's family?

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