Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 1

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 1

Impossible to Scare

  • Karou, our blue-haired heroine, is walking home when she gets attacked by a vampire. Wow, this book doesn't waste any time getting to the action.
  • Oh, wait, it's not a real vampire. It's just Karou's ex-boyfriend, Kazimir. He only thinks he's a vampire. But he knows he's super sexy.
  • He tries to convince Karou to be a part of his new "Old Town vampire tour" (1.17).
  • Karou doesn't want to be a part of his group, and she feels stupid for ever falling for this cad in the first place.
  • After threatening to chuck coffee in his face, Karou finally gets Kaz to back off. But before he leaves, he tells her that he has a new job, "an... unveiling of sorts" (1.45).
  • What could it be, we wonder?