Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 10

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 10

Hither-and-Thither Girl

  • Brimstone sends Karou on a new job every day of the week. She's working nine-to-five. What a way to make a living.
  • At least she gets to see the world.
  • Meanwhile, in the yawnfest of a human world, Zuzana is irritated that Karou isn't hanging out with her anymore. She demands to know what Karou's been doing.
  • Karou tells her she runs errands, but she's really vague about it.
  • All she does is convince Zuzana that she's doing something illegal.
  • After more talking, she finally manages to smooth things over with Zuzana. Then, with perfect timing, here comes Kishmish with another mission.
  • She ignores him for a long time, but eventually excuses herself to go to the bathroom and take the note.
  • It has one word on it: "Please" (10.114).
  • Mysterious.