Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 13

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 13

The Graverobber

  • Karou meets up with Izîl in the markets of Marrakesh. He's a nice old man, but a little nuts.
  • What makes him crazy is that an invisible creature named Razgut rides around on his back. And that creature wants to lick Karou.
  • Yeah, just a little crazy.
  • In the shadows nearby, Akiva watches as Karou and Izîl talk teeth.
  • Karou is dismayed that Izîl's teeth are of such bad quality. They're "the teeth of a people who had gnawed at tough food, smoked pipes, and been unacquainted with toothpaste" (13.55).
  • None of them followed proper brushing advice, we guess.
  • Izîl has some baby teeth (not his own), which Karou refuses to take, even though Izîl says that Brimstone requested them once.
  • A few of the teeth do meet Karou's satisfaction, so she pays him for those.
  • Then Izîl tries to ask Karou a question about saving himself from Razgut. Izîl ends up fighting with the invisible creature on his back and falling over.
  • Karou helps him up, but the invisible thing licks her neck. It weirds her out and she leaves.
  • He calls out to her, telling her that a bruxis would save him.
  • A bruxis is the wish of all wishes, the uberwish, and the only way to get it is "with one's own teeth. All of them, self-extracted" (13.81). Eek. Can you wish for more teeth?
  • Karou's had enough of this crazy pants, so she leaves for real.
  • But again, something holds her back: a commotion behind her.
  • That invisible thing on Izîl's back, it ain't invisible anymore.