Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 18

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 18

Battle Not With Monsters

  • Back in Marrakesh, Akiva decides he needs to employ intimidation tactics to get any real information out of Razgut.
  • He flies them to the city's highest point and places them precariously on the edge.
  • Izîl tries to convince Akiva that Karou is innocent, but he's not having it.
  • Anyone who's trafficking teeth can't be innocent, he says. (We'd hate to see what Akiva would do to the tooth fairy.)
  • Razgut does a lot of cryptic talking, but doesn't actually say anything of substance.
  • Meanwhile, Izîl babbles on about mustaches.
  • Akiva gets sick of all this nonsense, and tells Izîl that he can make him talk.
  • "Oh no you can't," Izîl responds, and he throws himself off the tower.