Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 19

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 19

Not Who, But What

  • Back in the cathedral, Karou is still screaming. Brimstone comes to her rescue.
  • He tells Thiago, the wolfman, that he will take care of Karou.
  • Then he hauls her butt back up to his shop and chucks her inside.
  • Talk about fire and Brimstone, this guy is pissed. For some reason, letting this fuzzy Thiago fella see Karou's palm tattoos is a big no-no.
  • Even though she's injured, Brimstone kicks her out of his shop and out into the cold.
  • She trudges back to her apartment—or "flat," as they say in Prague—but her coat and keys are still in Brimstone's shop. She's locked out.
  • Suddenly, someone grabs her shoulder. Busting out her mad martial arts skills, Karou flips her attacker over her shoulders and into the window. Boom, pow.
  • Her "attacker" turns out to be Kazimir. Well, this won't get him back on her good side.
  • He's fine. "The glass had broken into rectangular chunks" (19.40), though.
  • Kaz asks her "What are you?" (19.41), but Karou doesn't answer. Heck, she's not even sure.
  • She gets into her apartment and ponders the question.