Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 2

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 2

An Unveiling of Sorts

  • In life drawing class, Karou complains about Kaz to her best friend, Zuzana.
  • Zuzana tells her she should get a Taser, but Karou feels that "she was more than capable of defending herself without out electricity.
  • She'd had an unusual education" (2.6). We guess those twelve-hour marathons of Bad Girls Club are educational after all.
  • After Karou banters with Zuzana and a few more classmates whose names we don't need to learn because we will never see them again, class starts.
  • Then a new nude model enters the class: Kazimir. He disrobes and reveals, well, everything, plus a new tattoo: "an elaborate cursive K." (2.51)
  • What could that be for? Did he take the Special K Challenge, too?
  • During a break, Kazimir walks over to taunt Karou in front of her friends. He teases her about her tattoo: "the one that says Kazimir, right over [her] heart" (2.71).
  • She unbuttons her sweater (maybe Karou can be the next nude model?) and reveals the top of her chest: no tattoo.
  • Kaz is baffled that it somehow disappeared. How did she get it rid of it?
  • However she did it, we bet Romney Face Tattoo Guy wishes it were that easy.
  • Karou leaves the room to fill Zuzana in on her breakup with Kaz.
  • Playing with the string of beads around her neck, Karou has an idea at how to get him back. Actually, it's an idea as to how to get back at him—as in revenge—not get him back, as in to her apartment for a sleepover.