Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 20

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 20

True Story

  • Karou mopes around her apartment drinking tea and dining on Tylenol for a few days.
  • Eventually, Zuzana comes by to check up on her.
  • She thinks Kazimir has beat her, but Karou decides to tell her the whole story: an angel attacked her with a sword.
  • Zuzana takes this as a lie along the lines of "I fell down the stairs and through a window," and she goes to leave.
  • Before she's out the door, though, something thumps against the window. "It was Kishmish, and he was on fire" (20.31).
  • He dies in Karou's hands.
  • The note tied to his foot crumbles to ash, but he's carrying the wishbone Brimstone wore around his neck.
  • Karou dashes through the streets to Brimstone's door. It's on fire, too. And not in that good "the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire" way.
  • "The way to Elsewhere had been severed, and [Karou] was cast adrift" (20.44).
  • Poor Karou.