Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 27

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 27

Not Prey, But Power

  • Still feeling like she's being watched, Karou decides to go home. Alone. Bad idea.
  • She bumps into someone unexpected—not one of her stalkers, but Svetla, Kazimir's new girlfriend, whom Karou wished into having really fuzzy eyebrows. They are not happy to see each other.
  • Karou convinces Svetla to remain quiet as her actual stalker approaches.
  • She sees his shadow first, and it has wings.
  • Taking the initiative, Karou steps out of the alleyway and blasts Akiva with her invisible palm energy.
  • Once he recovers, he tries to tell her that he won't hurt her, but she's not having any of it.
  • She battles him a little more, until he flies into the air.
  • Akiva keeps saying that he just wants to talk to her.
  • Karou leaps into the air too.
  • "So talk" (27.62), she says.