Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 29

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 29

Starlight to the Sun

  • So what's really happening up there in the air?
  • Welp, Karou is frustrated for being so attracted to someone that tried to kill her. We know; we hate when that happens.
  • Again, Akiva tells her he just wants to talk.
  • As he approaches her, she throws up her hamsas—the eye tattoos on her hands—and the blast knocks him to the ground.
  • When he regains consciousness, Karou tells him to stand up and take a bow. C'mon, pretend it was all a show for the good terrestrial humans of Prague, okay?
  • They sneak away, and Akiva starts to spill some juicy exposition.
  • He calls Karou's hamsas "the devil's eyes" (29.41) and "revenants' marks" (29.46).
  • Okay, we take it back. That doesn't actually explain a thing.
  • At least he does confess to burning the portals to end "the war" (29.57). But he doesn't elaborate on what war.
  • Karou decides to take him back to her apartment.
  • And he hasn't even bought her dinner yet.