Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 3

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 3


  • As it turns out, Karou's beaded necklace didn't come from Hobby Lobby: it's made of scuppies. "Like money, wishes came in denominations, and scuppies were mere pennies" (3.14).
  • A penny is enough to give Kaz an itch, though. First, one he can easily scratch, on his elbow. Next, another one in a fairly easy to reach place: his nose.
  • A bead disappears for each wish that Karou makes to torture her ex.
  • Then, she pulls out the big guns. She wishes for an itch right up his... cranny. Karou feels this gets him back for taking her virginity.
  • Tit for tat, we guess?
  • Kazimir has to go running out of the room to find a discrete place to take care of his suddenly itchy cranny.
  • Karou feigns innocence, but she wonders what the Wishmonger might think about her actions...
  • This was a pretty rotten way to seek revenge, Karou. But it was kind of funny. So.
  • We guess it's fine.