Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 32

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 32

Both Place and Person

  • "To take from the universe, you must give" (32.3), says Akiva.
  • Karou feels queasy and uneasy as she wonders who felt the pain for each frivolous wish she's made over the years. Is having blue hair worth that?
  • To change the subject, Akiva fills Karou in on the history of his world, Eretz.
  • There, the chimaera and the seraphim have been at war for years.
  • Akiva sees the chimaera as ungrateful: "They were nothing but barbarians. We gave them light, engineering, the written word" (32.34).
  • Karou's opinion: "The seraphim want to rule the world, the chimaera don't want to be ruled, and that makes them evil" (32.33).
  • Hm, when you put it that way the seraphim sound downright imperialistic.
  • Akiva then reveals that the tattoos on his hands, the marks on the backs of his fingers, are tally marks for each chimaera he's killed.
  • His fingers look like bar codes, so he's killed a lot of 'em.
  • They end up going to a teahouse to chat. The waitress recognizes Karou as the flying girl. Then Zuzana calls, and says she's coming there to meet up with her.
  • As if things weren't complicated enough.
  • Karou tries to think through her dilemma.
  • He as the enemy of her family. And yet, something tied them together, stronger than any of that. […] Anything she did to fight against it felt like discord, like disharmony with herself. (32.116) And he's hot. Did you forget how hot he is?
  • We didn't.