Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 33

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 33


  • Zuzana tries to figure out Karou and Akiva's relationship, all while Karou is translating from English or Praguelish (aka Czech) into chimaera-ese or whatever Akiva knows how to speak. Don't worry, Zuzana, we don't get it either.
  • After getting exactly nowhere, Zuzana tells Karou that the police are at her apartment.
  • They think her little flight was a "disturbance" (33.54) and they want to question her.
  • Well, Karou's not too stressed about that; she's planning on going away anyway.
  • As she leaves, Akiva makes her promise not to go with Razgut through the portal. Karou says "okay" (33.83).
  • But we tots don't believe her.