Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 50

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 50


  • Madrigal's sister, Chiro, and her friend Nwella squeeze her into a skimpy gown for the upcoming ball. "You see what happens when you dither? Others make choices for you" (50.5), says Chiro.
  • Thinking about the dance makes Madrigal think of Thiago, and how he's the type of guy that likes to examine his new body ahead of time.
  • She's seen him checking out his future replicas and making sure they meet his strict approval. Madrigal thinks this is pretty strange, but if we were in his shoes—and by shoes we mean lean, taut body of rippling muscle—we'd want to make sure we were getting put into an equally hot body after our resurrections too.
  • While in the middle of this flashback, Madrigal thinks of Chiro's resurrection.
  • It's a flashback within a flashback, whoa.
  • Madrigal had worked hard on Chiro's necklace. She even used diamonds, which is a big deal, although we're not sure why.
  • Magic loves pain, so maybe the blood diamonds make it even more potent?
  • Anyway, Chiro is miffed because Madrigal makes Chiro look exactly like she looked before. What's the problem, you ask?
  • Well, Chiro is "beast aspect," which means she has the head of jackal. And she hates having the head of a jackal.
  • Madrigal doesn't understand why Chiro is angry.
  • "You wouldn't [understand]. You're beautiful" (50.39), she says. Ouch, a compliment has never stung so much.
  • Back in the present flashback, Chiro seems to have gotten over it. She helps Nwella dust Madrigal with sugar powder, "which girls wore when they planned to be tasted" (50.51).
  • It's intented to entice Thiago.
  • (We hope that there is a sugar-substitute dust for any diabetic chimaera who may be attending this party.)