Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 53

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 53

Love is an Element

  • It's time for the Furiant, another one of those dramatic Pride and Prejudice dances with lots of partner switching.
  • This time, people actually dance with Madrigal because Thiago is nearby, and they don't want to give her the impression that they're shunning her.
  • At one point, she gets passed off to a man in a tiger mask.
  • It's Akiva with a new animal head on. What's next? Panda bear? Platypus?
  • Madrigal tries to tell Akiva that she doesn't love Thiago, but she has to marry him anyway. Akiva's not a big fan of that answer.
  • He loves her (even though he's known her all of about 57 seconds), and he wants to marry for love. Sweet.
  • But before they can resolve this issue, she gets passed along the dance line and ends up in Thiago's furry arms.