Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 54

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 54


  • Thiago tries flirting with Madrigal, but he's not that slick. He makes comments about her dress falling off and then tears one of the straps himself.
  • When the dance requires her to be passed along, she ends up back with Akiva.
  • Oh. Wait. They don't even know each other's names yet. It's hard to keep this straight with all the flashbacks and flashwards.
    (Hopefully this book doesn't take a cue from Lost and include a flash-sideways anywhere...)
  • Akiva and Madrigal finally introduce themselves to one another, but Akiva gets mad when he sees that Madrigal's dress has been ripped.
  • "I can make you a shawl" (54.59), he says, because nothing is sexier than a man who can crochet.
  • He makes her one with magic. Her "shawl" is made of beautiful shimmering moths that settle on her shoulders.
  • Right before it's time to pass Madrigal back to Thiago, fireworks go off.
  • Madrigal grabs Akiva's hand and they run, far away from the crowd.