Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 58

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 58

Victory and Vengeance

  • Okay, now we've traveled back a couple more days prior to Madrigal's execution.
  • Madrigal is still carrying on her secret affair with Akiva, but her sister, Chiro, has been acting funny.
  • Chiro thinks it's weird that Madrigal is even less interested in Thiago than before.
  • Here's a suggestion from Chiro: Madrigal should die and resurrect ugly.
  • Hm, that idea is so terrible, we nominate it for the chimaera equivalent of a Darwin award.
  • The narrator foreshadows that Madrigal should have suspected her sister of treachery in that moment.
  • "Her trust was her undoing" (58.23).