Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 60

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 60

If Found, Please Return

  • So here's the low-down: when Madrigal's head got lopped off, she was able to focus her spirit into Chiro's body because, Chiro's spirit was weak.
  • Then, Madrigal-as-Chiro freed Akiva from his cell.
  • Since Chiro was the one who sold them out, he is not happy, and he knocks her unconscious.
  • Seventeen year later, Karou has figured this all out.
  • She doesn't know what happened between the jailbreak and her birth.
  • But she does know that she and Akiva her meant to be together, so she tries to put the moves on him. He resists her.
  • Akiva confesses that he knew about the resurrection the whole time.
  • Thiago told him because he's one of those super villains who spills his entire plan at the dumbest possible moment.
  • What he didn't know was that Brimstone had saved her. Now, he's feeling pretty guilty for killing the guy.
  • That's right: Akiva murdered Brimstone. That's how he got the page from Karou's sketchbook and figured out where she lived.
  • That puts a damper on the foreplay, doesn't it?