Study Guide

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Chapter 9

By Laini Taylor

Chapter 9

The Devil's Doorways

  • Hey, remember that guy who's been burning handprints onto doors? Well, his name is Akiva.
  • Also, he's really hot. We know this because we're told he's "bronzed" (9.8) "beautiful" (9.9) with eyes that are "luminous, mesmerizing and achingly beautiful" (9.11)
  • Great. Can he cook?
  • Anyway, he's flying around marking doors. "Once all the doors were marked, the end would being. And it would being with fire" (9.15-9.16).
  • There's nothing sexier than a crazy pyromaniac, are we right? Yikes.
  • We're scared. Someone call our mommies.