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Miss Clarissa Spenlow in David Copperfield

By Charles Dickens

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Miss Clarissa Spenlow

Miss Clarissa is the second of Dora Spenlow's two aunts. When David comes over to explain his love for Dora, Miss Clarissa can't hold back her resentment of her dead brother. Apparently, while Mr. Spenlow and his wife were both still alive, Mr. Spenlow and his sisters had some kind of huge fight. Even though Mr. Spenlow has now died, Miss Clarissa can't let this fight go. She is still mad over the fact that, apparently, Mrs. Spenlow did not invite Mr. Spenlow's sisters over to their house as often as Miss Clarissa would have liked. Just FYI.

Miss Clarissa Spenlow in David Copperfield Study Group

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