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David Copperfield Chapter 53

By Charles Dickens

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Chapter 53

Another Retrospect

  • David has to pause to recount the death of Dora.
  • He sees Dora once again as though they were in their cottage once more.
  • She has been sick for long enough that David doesn't really remember what she is like when she is well.
  • Jip seems also, suddenly, very old.
  • Dora never complains and is grateful for David and Miss Betsey's care.
  • David sits with Dora and remembers times past, when they first fell in love with one another.
  • He no longer carries Dora downstairs; she lies in bed all day now.
  • Dora asks to see Agnes, and David promises to write to her immediately.
  • David's wife asks if she misses him when he goes downstairs.
  • And David promises that he misses her so much.
  • Dora embraces David.
  • She admits that she thinks she will never be well again.
  • David doesn't want Dora to think like that.
  • Agnes arrives and spends the whole day with Dora, David, and Miss Betsey.
  • Finally, they are alone, and David sits holding Dora's hand.
  • Dora wants to speak frankly to David, and she hopes he won't mind.
  • She thinks she was too young when they were married – she thinks she was not fit to be a wife, because she was so inexperienced.
  • Dora tells David that she has been very happy.
  • At the same time, she is sure that David would have gotten tired of her as the years wore on.
  • David feels that this is a reproach, but Dora promises it isn't, truly.
  • Dora knows that David is very lonely.
  • She sends David downstairs to fetch Agnes. She wants to speak to Agnes completely by herself, even without Miss Betsey.
  • David goes downstairs and sends Agnes up.
  • David weeps as he sits by the fire and remembers the arguments he and Dora had.
  • Would it have been better if they never married, as Dora suggests?
  • Jip whines to go upstairs, but David tells him not tonight.
  • The dog lies down at David's feet and passes away.
  • David looks up at Agnes.
  • Dora has passed away as well, and David can't remember anything for a time.

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