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A Day No Pigs Would Die Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • When this chapter opens, we know some time has passed, because Rob tells us that the grass is high now, and he's been working all day on the hay wagon with Papa.
  • His chores are all done, and he's just lying in the grass up on the ridge.
  • Pinky is with him, rolling around in the clover. Hmm… might say she's happy as a pig in clover, huh?
  • Rob sees a hawk in the sky above. He watches the hawk as it circles and then dives so suddenly that he thinks it's going to hit the ground.
  • The hawk swoops down onto a rabbit, which cries out as the hawk kills it. Once again, no sparing any gruesome details. The hawk takes off, carrying the dead rabbit in its talons.
  • Rob runs after it, because he'd like to see the hawk feed the rabbit to its babies—but the hawk is too fast for him, and he loses it.
  • Rob thinks about the fact that his father sometimes hunts rabbits and his mother makes them into rabbit pie. He thinks about Pinky's diet.
  • Pinky is well fed and growing a lot. Rob tells her that she's never going to be pork—instead, she's going to be bred with Mr. Tanner's boar Samson and have lots of piglets… and happily ever after, the end.
  • Rob and Pinky walk home together, and Rob puts her in her pen for the night. He and Papa sit together and watch the sunset.
  • There sure are a lot of sweet moments in this book, huh?

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