Study Guide

Dead End in Norvelt Chapter 11

By Jack Gantos

Chapter 11

  • The following morning, the Hells Angel's obituary appears in the newspaper.
  • Miss Volker ties his dancing and death to a little history lesson about a disease called St. John's Dance (11.25-26).
  • Then things start to get a little crazy. First, a swarm of Hells Angels rides into town to retrieve—i.e., steal—the body of their dead companion.
  • They leave town with his body in one of Mr. Huffer's expensive Time Capsule coffins.
  • In his official capacity as volunteer policemen, Mr. Spizz chases after them on a giant tricycle. This is one low-speed chase we'd like to see.
  • Why all the fuss? See, the dead Hells Angel had recently purchased a house in Norvelt, and his bros suspect that he's been murdered to keep the gang from moving in.
  • In retribution, the gang's leader had supposedly placed a death curse on the town.