Study Guide

Dead End in Norvelt Chapter 18

By Jack Gantos

Chapter 18

  • Bunny offers Jack a job helping her father with some fresh corpses, which he obviously turns down, since he's afraid of his own blood.
  • She then comes up with another scheme: they should take Miss Volker's car and to go a baseball game in Pittsburgh. (Bunny really, really wants to hang out).
  • Instead, Jack convinces Bunny to come into his room to look at his … book igloo. Ooookay.
  • We then find out one of Jack's more bizarre hobbies: book sniffing. Bunny gets really mad at him for this, and accuses him of making her "smell the crotch of an old book" (18.50).
  • Here's another clue to the mystery: Mr. Huffer is the one buying up all of the Norvelt houses and having them moved to Eleanor, WV.