Study Guide

Dead End in Norvelt Chapter 24

By Jack Gantos

Chapter 24

  • Time for another obituary: Mrs. Bloodgood has passed away.
  • We learn some more background on how Norvelt got its start, and more details about the origin of its name (Remember: EleaNOR RooseVELT) (24.17-18).
  • Miss Volker links Mrs. Bloodgood's obituary to a historical tidbit about the Underground Railroad. This is a bit of poetic justice, since when Norvelt was first founded, Mrs. Bloodgood did not want any African Americans living there.
  • It turns out that Mr. Huffer already has Mrs. Bloodgood's body (haven't we seen this before?).
  • After yelling at Jack for speeding, Mr. Spizz says that Mr. Greene is thinking of calling the sheriff about all of the suspicious deaths. There are now only three original Norvelt residents left: Mrs. Droogie, Miss Volker, and Mr. Spizz. Hmmm.
  • Mr. Spizz tells Jack to drop off his mother's casserole at Miss Volker's, so he (Mr. Spizz) can put it together with Miss Volker's cookies and deliver it to Mrs. Droogie.
  • Mr. Greene warns that some kind of change is coming. This all sounds rather ominous and a lot like we're heading toward some sort of climax.