Study Guide

Dead End in Norvelt Chapter 28

By Jack Gantos

Chapter 28

  • Jack writes an obituary all on his own (for the deer), and then his dad gives him the fatal bullet.
  • He has another momentous realization: he feels "different" from himself, and senses something is about to change within him (28.11).
  • Jack receives a phone call from Mr. Spizz, who informs him that Miss Volker is tied up—literally—in her basement.
  • See, Mr. Spizz confessed to poisoning all of the dead people so she would finally marry him.
  • He has also left town in Miss Volker's car (which is supposed to be Jack's eventually).
  • Jack connects the deer's obituary with a historical person: Virginia Dare, "the first English child born in America" (28.47).
  • Time to wrap things up:
  • Jack's Dad decides not to build the bomb shelter. He tells Jack to fill it in (but not now).
  • Mr. Greene prints Jack's obituary of the deer in the newspaper.
  • Jack's dad picks him up at the baseball game. In his airplane.
  • The pair throws water balloons at the Viking drive-in movie theater screen. But wait: the balloons are filled with red paint, and not just water.
  • Jack doesn't like this at all (well, obviously, this is a really mean prank), and schools his dad in how this "joke" is not funny. It's scaring people.
  • Not wanting to play his dad's games, Jack demands that he take him back down.
  • And we close with Jack composing his own obituary, in which he reminds himself that he will continue to get in trouble unless he remembers his history.