Study Guide

Death of a Salesman Requiem

By Arthur Miller


  • Looking at her husband’s grave, Linda wonders why all of Willy’s friends and co-workers, by whom he was so well-liked, didn’t come to the funeral.
  • Biff says that Willy had the wrong dreams, that he never knew who he was.
  • Charley and Bernard are at the funeral as well. Charley, still the good man, defends his dead friend, saying that part of being a salesman is about having a dream.
  • Happy is mad and defensive. He embraces his father’s dream (the one Biff has rejected), and is determined to "come out number-one man."
  • Linda can’t understand why Willy killed himself. She declares she had finally made the last payment on their house that day—they really own it now.
  • She cries over the grave, repeatedly sobbing, "we’re free."

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