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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz Section 5

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Section 5

  • After breakfast, John heads outside to survey the incredible landscaping around the house. There he encounters the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.
  • She turns out to be Kismine, Percy's younger sister.
  • John has always been turned off by flaws of any kind in any girl he's ever known; but Kismine seems absolutely perfect to him.
  • As they chat, Kismine talks about her family. Her father has never punished his children for anything, she says, as he doesn't believe in it.
  • Kismine talks about her older sister, Jasmine, who is coming out soon (as a debutante). Kismine herself, the younger sister, is heading to New York for finishing school in the Fall.
  • The two of them flirt while talking, and it's clear that romance is blossoming.

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