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The Diary of a Madman Section 12: The Year 2000, 43rd of April

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Section 12: The Year 2000, 43rd of April

  • Poprishchin says that today is a greatly solemn day. Check out the date of the diary entry—we're not sure we'd use the word "solemn."
  • The king of Spain has been found. He, Poprishchin, is the king of Spain!
  • He says it came to him in a flash of lightning. How could he ever have thought he was only a titular councillor?
  • He now sees everything clearly.
  • He says he announced to the housekeeper that he is the king of Spain. She was frightened. Us, too.
  • He doesn't go to the office. After all, why should the king of Spain be pushing papers and fixing pens?

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