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The Diary of a Madman Section 7: November 12

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Section 7: November 12

  • Poprishchin sets out at two o'clock to find and question Fidele the dog.
  • The streets smell of cabbage (a Russian winter favorite), which he hates.
  • He also hates the soot coming out of the artisans' workshops.
  • He goes to the building that he previously saw Fidele and the two ladies walk into.
  • He goes up to the sixth floor, rings the bell, and the younger one of the two women opens the door. He tells her he must have a talk with her dog.
  • Before the girl can respond, the dog comes out and attacks Poprishchin.
  • He spots the dog's bed in the corner, runs over, and grabs a bundle of little papers, noticing on the way out that the girl is extremely frightened.
  • Cue: rare moment of insight when he says the girl must have taken him for a madman.
  • He goes home to read through the papers before the evening comes (he can't see well by candle light), but the house cleaner (whom we learn is Finnish) is washing the floors, so he goes out to walk and think. In case you're keeping track, he also insults the Finns.
  • He hopes to find out all kinds of political information and as a bonus, a thing or two about "her, who… never mind, silence!" (We know he means the director's daughter.)
  • He finally goes home and lies in bed. Guy spends a lot of time in bed.

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