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The Diary of Anne Frank Friday, April 28, 1944

By Anne Frank

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Friday, April 28, 1944

  • Anne describes her two selves: one is outgoing and amusing, the other is shy and desperately wants to be loved.
  • The second, more tender Anne came out while she was with Peter, but she’s not even sure if he noticed, which bothers her.
  • They actually kiss on the lips, although it’s not clear if that was really the original plan.
  • Anne thinks deep and hard about whether what she is doing with Peter is right. She feels utterly torn. She desires the closeness desperately but does not feel he would be the right man to marry, so is the intimacy of their relationship okay or not?
  • Anne recognizes Peter’s weaknesses: he’s emotionally younger than his age, and lacks courage and character.
  • Anne worries that she’s giving too much of herself to him too soon, and maybe she should be saving herself for Mr. Right, not Peter van Daan.

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