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The Diary of Anne Frank Monday, March 20, 1944

By Anne Frank

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Monday, March 20, 1944

  • Peter invites Anne to join him in the evenings. He wants to talk and look at the moon (a likely excuse).
  • Anne’s worried that Margot has a crush on Peter and that she’s hurting her sister by spending so much time with him.
  • Margot gives Anne a letter saying she is quite happy for Peter and Anne. Margot wishes that she had a friend to confide in, but doesn’t think Peter would have been the person anyhow. Margot’s letter is very nice, and she seems so understanding.
  • Anne responds with a letter that says she is unhappy that Margot doesn’t have anyone to share her feelings with. However, Anne hopes that Margot and Peter will develop a sisterly/brotherly affection for each other. She also tells Margot that she admires her… something that we weren’t so sure of before.

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