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The Diary of Anne Frank Saturday, July 15, 1944

By Anne Frank

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Saturday, July 15, 1944

  • Anne reads the book What Do You Think of the Modern Young Girl? She then discusses her opinion of the modern young girl. She feels that the writer was attacking youth and wishes to defend herself and her kind from the charges laid against them.
  • Anne says that one of her best qualities is that she is very self-aware. This seems like a pretty true statement based on reading her diary.
  • Anne again looks at how she has been raised. She thinks that her family didn’t take her seriously and blew her off with generic parent lingo like "you’ll grow out of it."
  • Anne comes to the conclusion that she conquered Peter and that she ought not to have allowed their intimacy.
  • She wonders if their lack of emotional closeness is because of his shyness or just because he’s actually more shallow than she thought.
  • Anne can’t see a way to go back to just being casual friends with Peter, which is what she wants. He leans on her too much now.
  • She is surprised she hasn’t lost all her ideals and faith in justice, given her situation.

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