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The Diary of Anne Frank Thursday, December 10, 1942

By Anne Frank

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Thursday, December 10, 1942

  • Mr. van Daan proves his usefulness when they get a lot of meat and he turns it into sausage, which apparently also preserves it.
  • Mrs. van Daan thinks she has broken a rib, to which Anne says, "that’s what happens when old ladies do such stupid exercises to get rid of their fat behinds!" Burn. Anne's commentary is pretty savage (and awesome).
  • Mr. Dussel plays dentist and tries to fix Mrs. van Daan’s teeth, but the woman is a terrible patient.
  • Anne doesn’t seem to think that Mr. Dussel is such a great dentist because she compares him to a "quack" from the Middle Ages and calls Mrs. van Daan his "first victim."

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