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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, April 11, 1944

By Anne Frank

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Tuesday, April 11, 1944

  • Somebody tries to break into the office again and the men go downstairs to investigate. Stupidly, Mr. van Daan yells "police" trying to scare them away.
  • A plank to the door of their secret hiding place gets busted by the intruder.
  • Then a married couple comes along and shines a light inside and the men are turned from police to burglars.
  • The men come upstairs to wait, assuming that the married couple will call the police.
  • Finally they call Mr. Kleiman. Jan and Miep show up to fix the broken plank.
  • Changes are made in everybody’s behavior. They can’t open any windows anymore or flush the toilet after 9:30pm.
  • Everyone is concerned about whether the neighbors can be trusted.
  • Mr. Kugler is mad that the men went downstairs at all, reminding them that they are Jews and their lives are at stake.
  • Anne is more scared of death now. The burglary is a dose of reality and she’s hoping very much that she’ll live through the war.

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