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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, August 10, 1943

By Anne Frank

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Tuesday, August 10, 1943

  • Anne decides to keep her opinions to herself during meals, which everyone seems to appreciate.
  • The Westertoren clock’s bells have been taken away. They’ll be melted down for some purpose in the war. No one knows what time of day it is anymore.
  • Anne gets new shoes (high heels), which everyone admires.
  • Anne does a bunch of clumsy things and ends up with a hurt finger, hurt toe, and bump on her head.
  • Mr. Dussel endangers everybody’s lives by getting Miep to bring him a forbidden (anti-Mussolini) book.
  • Anne writes about potato peeling: how Mr. Dussel does it badly but lectures her on how to do it like him; how Mrs. van Daan tries to flirt with Mr. Dussel while peeling potatoes. This part is pretty funny—be sure to check it out.
  • Anne writes about "freedom in the Annex": Bep shows up at 5 p.m. to let them know the office workers are gone, so they can wander around the office and warehouse.

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