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The Diary of Anne Frank Tuesday, December 22, 1942

By Anne Frank

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Tuesday, December 22, 1942

  • The excitement of the day is that the Annex group is getting extra butter rations for Christmas and everybody is wondering what they will bake with it.
  • Anne makes cookies and two cakes.
  • We actually hear something good about Mrs. van Daan: Anne says that when Mrs. Van Daan is well (she has a bruised hip right now), she’s hardworking, neat, and cheerful. Who would have guessed from Anne’s earlier descriptions?
  • Anne can’t stand "His Lordship," Mr. Dussel, who shares her bedroom. He does really annoying things like shushing her (you know, "shhhh") in the middle of the night when she rolls over, whereas he gets up at dawn on Sundays, turns on the lights, and loudly bumps into all of the furniture while getting dressed.

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